Which costs will affect you most?

With no paycheck coming in our “added expenses” on top of our monthly bills are enough to take even the best planners down.

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We specialize in different types of insurance and insurance planning. Explore our specialties to see how we can meet your needs. 

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps take care of your loved ones in case of a tragedy.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance allows access to better healthcare without expensive bills.

Accident Insurance

Make sure you are covered if an accident happens with accident insurance.

Hospitalization Insurance

We help you get the insurance plans you need in case of hospitalization.

Heart Attack Insurance

Heart attack insurance is vital to cover expenses in unexpected circumstances.

ICU Insurance

You will want to make sure you are insured in case of a serious injury.

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Our tried and true method is the best when it comes to quality insurance policies. 


We make sure your coverage meets your needs and concerns


We have different levels of coverage to meet every budget

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Our coverage makes sense even if you never file a claim

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Our programs have been around since 1900 and we serve over 13 million clients today.

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Medical Expenses Are Very Costly

There Are 2 Types of Costs

Direct Costs

20% of expenses are direct costs that your health insurance may cover
- Doctor Bills
- Hospital Bills
- Medical Charges

Indirect Costs

That still leaves 80% of the costs associated with
Lost Savings and Paychecks
Living Expenses
Insurance Limitations
Out-of-Pocket Costs

In 2020, Globe Life paid $1,457,601,968 in claims...

$984,476,775 Was From life insurance claims.
and $473,125,193 in health insurance claims

*Based on 2020 financial data

Globe Life Family Heritage Division has paid back
over $386.7 Million in Return of Premium Maturity Benefits
since its inception!

(*Figure Taken From July 2021 Financial Data)