Our programs


Early detection and awareness are key! Get paid for yearly checkups and get insurance for internal cancers, leukemia, and skin cancer diagnoses to keep you paid while you take cancer head on.

heart Attacks & Strokes

Get paid for heart attacks and strokes. Your emergency fund doesn’t compare to what we can do when life’s #1 cause of death strikes at home.

Accidents & Injuries

Get paid for accidents and injuries. Over $1 Trillion is spent in the U.S. each year just on accidents. Help protect you and those closest to you from one of life’s most frequent causes for set back and losses financially.

ICU Stays & More

ICU stays & hospitalizations are financially overwhelming. Whether its 2 – 3 days, 3 – 5 weeks, or 6 – 12 months, no one is prepared to see the bills from the care you need from such a stay.

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Whole Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones by covering your final arrangements like funeral/legal expenses, medical costs, and outstanding debts, loans and IOU’s.

How Globe Life Family Heritage Works

You need cash sent directly to you when your too sick or hurt to work.
You may love where you work, but you also work there for another reason, income for you and a future for your family.
Take a look at how our program works for you whether you file a claim or not.