How Much Do I Need?

"What is my current backup plan?"

There are several ways people try to meet covered costs and out-of-pocket expenses, without a paycheck.

Top 3

  1. "I'd have to rely on my parents/family"
  2. "I'd have to empty my 401K/retirement money"
  3. "I'd have to sell my home or personal property"

What is your current plan to protect your savings and your income starting today?

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"How much coverage do I need?"

That all depends on your situation. and if you are more budget-conscious or coverage-conscious?

3 Questions To Consider:

  1. "How would not having my paycheck affect me financially?"
  2. "What are my expenses day to day and monthly?"
  3. "How much of my savings am I risking with no plan in place?"
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Why Globe Life Family Heritage

What makes Globe Life Family Heritage different than any other program you know?


Paid directly to your bank account; no loans or IOU's.

Better Benefits

Higher payouts for claims paid directly to you to use where you need it.

No hassles​

No medical exams, no bloodwork and coverage can begin as soon as next day.


We have plans to fit everyone's budget.

Next Day Coverage​

Coverage starts as early as next day. Get money into account instead of emptying yours.

Easy decision

Quick and easy payouts when you need us, 100% of your premiums refunded back to you if you don't.

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