Frequently Asked Questions

How do you submit my Early Detection Benefit?

No claim form is necessary. Simply mail or fax us the bill, receipt, or the report/results you received for the screening or test that contains the patient's full name, a description of the service and the date of service. Include the Policyowner's/Certificate holder's full name and policy/certificate number. For covered children, please also include their date of birth.

How can I receive a new copy of my policy/certificate?

Please contact our Customer Service Department at (440) 922-5222.

Do I need to contact the company or my agent to change my level of coverage, or add/remove a family member, or when my children need to start their own policy?

Yes, it is important that you keep us informed of changes in your family status since these changes may affect your coverage and premium.

How do I file a claim or reprint a claim form?

All instructions for filing claims including printing more claim forms can be found at
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