Do I need Benefits too?

"Why Would I need A Program Like This?


1 in 2 men get cancer, 1 in 6 get prostate cancer. More men battle prostate cancer than women battle breast cancer.


1 in 3 women get cancer, 1 in 8 women get breast cancer. Some ethnicities of women are more prone to getting breast cancer where as others are more prone to passing away from it.


Statistics don't lie: 3 out of 4 families will be affected by cancer and 1 out of 3 people will die from heart disease, heart attacks, or stroke. Male or female when one person gets taken down, we all get taken down and no one wants their family relying on missed wages.

Employed Workers

Are you using 100%, 75%, or 50% of your paychecks each month? With the average cost of threatening accidents and diseases after medical insurance well above the average savings account or "emergency fund" you may keep yourself protected from a flat tire but what about from the next 6 to 12 months of missed paychecks?

Self-employed Workers

Private health insurance is expensive on your own and if you don't skip it altogether high deductible plans are typically the only way to afford it. Supplemental insurance fills the gap without throwing extra money away each month while your healthy. There is no such thing as a paid day off. Often times you are either "too busy working", you are the lifeblood of your business, or both!

Retired Individuals

Most retirees are already concerned with outliving retirement funds. At an age where our bodies are more vulnerable to injury and sickness no matter our health, one bad occurrence can take over half away.

Younger/20's or 30's

Just getting started means less income and less savings to fall back on. Active or not, healthy or not, living at home or not you can't make money when you are in the negative and no one wants to drag down their family.

One-income/Single-parent homes

Planning for "unexpected" is hard enough as a single parent, a medical issue from kids is an issue for us and a medical issue for us means throwing money at it with less or no income until we're back at work.


Whether your home is your number one asset, whether it's paid off or your making payments you could lose your home from missed mortgage payments or from the cost of leftover medical bills. After it's all said and done you still need a roof over your head for you and your family.

Small business owners

You are an important part of your business and if you didn't need to be there you'd be somewhere else each day. It's hard enough and it's expensive to find good help in today's job market. You're business is an important source of your retirement. With both a second set of monthly expenses and more assets to keep on your side, defense for your health allows you to keep focused on offense and retirement.

Affluent People

Affluent or not insurance is how wealth creates more generational wealth and allows you to grow your money protected from a down market. Why risk your own money on unseen, unplanned expenses when you can transfer it to someone else will who will pay them for you?

"Which expenses?"

Everyone's home life is different, however our outcomes remain the same. Expenses will go up and income will go down and you need extra money, not loans, to keep your savings and your paychecks covered.

Which bills would concern you the most if you could not work for 6 weeks, 6 months, or longer?

Life insurance pays you when you pass away but no one will you while you are alive. That leaves no one but you to pay the leftovers, the added costs, and maintain the bills you have now.

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"When should I get protected?"

Get your premiums locked in with us now! Supplemental benefits are based on your good health and your age and costs will only increase the older you get. Often times a single event or diagnosis can be the determination against quality coverage. Other times often include:

  • Switching careers or starting a new business
  • Planning or having a new child
  • Purchasing a home or assets
  • Recently married or divorced
  • Increasing personal debt or student loans
  • Nearing or planning for retirement
  • In retirement/protecting beneficiary’s assets

"Should I look into Your coverage if I already have benefits?"

Employer-based policies are a common place for employees to get their benefits.

These benefits are commonly “rented” not “owned” forcing you to leave them behind when you switch jobs and re-sign at a higher cost.

Comparing benefits and customer reviews during a quick consultation and on places like Google, the Better Business Bureau, and companies like AM Best can make a huge difference for you.