Richard Davis

"This policy should be a no-brainer for anyone who drives a car or motorcycle. Accidents don't have to be YOUR Fault to cost you dearly; just ask the lady who pulled out right in front of me. No one ever says, 'I had an on-purpose today.' It's always unexpected. I had never had an accident in my life before this happened. I had already recieved almost $8,000 from the accident plan and I just got another $2,700 from the ICU benefit on my cancer plan. This insurance is the that keeps on giving!

I'm really glad this policy has a "refund benefit". I've seen plans like this offered at work, but always passed because I didn't want to risk losing money. I signed up for this hoping it would be the savings account I always meant to start. I'm pretty sure I would not have signed up without the money-back feature."

Total Paid:  $10,575.00   

Type of Policy: Accident & ICU

Gordan Daniels

"I would like to say that people who think they have enough insurance should think again. I have great health insurance but that didn't even begin to help me or cover all my bills. People don't realize how much money you spend on gasoline and food when you are travelling over 60 (miles) one way for chemo or radiation treatments. This policy has really helped me with home bills such as mortgage payments, utilities, car payments, etc. I haven't been able to work very much and when I'm not working, obviously I'm not making money. Shelly Billingsley has been a godsend. Shelly has handles all my claims and overnight them to Family Heritage in a timely manner. Family Heritage has paid my claims promptly. Thank you Shelly and Family Heritage."

Total Paid:  $47,943.00   

Type of Policy: Cancer

Leonard McGlone

"I strongly recommend this policy to everyone. We both thought we did not need this coverage, but we took it out not knowing that my husband would suffer a major stroke in less than 2 months. This policy allowed me to be there for my husband the entire 11 months he was in the hospital. These funds helped the entire family through this crisis. You cannot imagine the cost to the family when dealing with such a long term hospital stay. Thank you Family Heritage"


Total Paid:  $134,988.00 

Type of Policy: Heart Attack & Stroke

Karen Demello

"Purchasing this cancer insurance policy was the smartest move I've ever made. My disability policy ran out long ago, yet my illness and treatments continue. These benefits have truly meant the difference between bankruptcy and survival. I tell everyone I can to look into this coverage and specifically Family Heritage for themselves."


Total Paid:  $54,588.85   

Type of Policy: Cancer

Christy Boettcher

"I actually was the most interested in the Cancer policy after seeing my mother go through it first hand, but I am so glad Brian showed me the accident policy as well because not even 3 days later my son would break his collarbone in his football game. I was relieved that I had protected my whole family instead of just myself and as it really helped out with the out of pocket costs like m my deductible and physical therapy. The claim process was really easy but I was most surprised to see them pay so quickly though!  Thank you Brian and thank you Family Heritage!"


Total Paid:  $1,800.00   

Type of Policy: Accident

Jennifer Bosma

"Thanks for being there to help pay the bills. One of our health care providers (Blue Cross Blue Shield) payed out a whopping $800.00 on a $40,000.00 bill. We thank God every day for our daughters renewed health. We also thank God for our Cancer Policy with Family Heritage it goes a long way towards making things right."

Total Paid:  $20,937.14   

Type of Policy: Cancer

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