"Hello #1 in the world..."

Join Our Team

We need 1-2 talented people in your area with a track record of performance in their field who want the opportunity to

- own your own business,

- share the best product of it's kind,

- work alongside people you'll help serve & help protect financially.

Help your community protect their family's future so they can stay focused on what matters.

Make Tomorrow Better

We are the country's...

- FASTEST growing voluntary insurance company. Programs founded from 1900

- HIGHEST customer service ratings compared to any other supplemental insurance company

- BIGGEST payouts averaging 60% - 300% more than competitors with no lifetime limits

-100% return of premium on all plans which means plans double as a long-term savings account

Serve Your Community

What we do in the community...

- Work side-by-side with business owners, managers, and human resources departments locally to enhance their benefit package
- Network with businesses, serve existing clients locally, and help clients’ family and referrals
- Exclusive Globe Life Family Heritage agents protect families and individuals with the best supplemental program in the U.S.

Ready To Make A Difference?

Why families need your help...
- Only 1 out of 15 businesses offer a benefit that protects employee’s savings accounts and paychecks
- 54% of Americans including ~40% of individuals making $100,000+ live paycheck to paycheck
- Programs never increase in price, payout the most, and benefit clients even if they never file a claim
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