About Us

Kris Rodriguez

Licensed Agent, Field Director, and Business Coach

Hi, I’m Kris Rodriguez, local agent also known as Kris w/ a K! I serve businesses and families locally in Wisconsin, Illinois, the Midwest as far as Arizona

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois along with my 6 brothers and went to Purdue University for management and engineering. I joined Globe Life Family Heritage at the beginning of 2021. My girlfriend Aly and I (blessed to have her in my life!) keep things fun and enjoying each other’s hobbies like hiking, music concerts, and spending moments with our family and friends!

No day would be complete without our 3 kiddos Violit (8), Henry (7), and Paislee (6), yep you read that right…8, 7, and 6! They are all about soccer, the outdoors, gymnastics, and even Tae Kwon Do until I can convince them to go running in the mornings or better yet…pick up a tennis racket!

Before GLFH I was building, leading, and inspiring customer-oriented teams in the corporate retail world for 15 years throughout the Midwest however for me there was something missing. What I enjoy most right now about partnering with Globe Life is that no two days are ever the same however the focus always is, “Always leave people in a better place than you found them”. I get to share a product, service, and experience with people that is truly win – win – WIN!

Our Agency

Transparent Financial has been the #1 Agency at Globe Life Family Heritage 3 out of the last 4 years!

We’re an independent insurance agency partnered exclusively with Globe Life Family Heritage.

We specialize in offering affordable, quality supplemental health insurance policies to business owners and individuals in different markets across the country.

Our mission is to protect our communities financially against the things they cannot protect themselves against and build an awareness and inspire change within the things that we can!

Be Part of A Winning Team

Own your schedule. Own your career path. Own your income. Own your development. And take back your future by serving people and your community with a team who supports you and a product that works.

What is one thing that you love about your career? and what is one thing you would change? If you are not in your forever career look into an opportunity with us.

Client Stories

Better service starts here. Find out what our clients want you to know and why they are urging every day people to get themselves protected.