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Why Stronghold Assurance?

Insurance can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. Stronghold Assurance strives to help you, your family, and your business gain greater financial stability. Too often families struggle to make ends meet when going through health emergencies. How can Stronghold Assurance be of service today?

The Stronghold Mission

To give each client peace about their financial future, knowing their families and assets are protected.

Stronghold Assurance is licensed in: TN, KY, SC, NC, GA, VA, PA, NE, MI, and AK.

Why Do I Need This?

Why do you need more insurance? Maybe you have great insurance already. Maybe you don’t have any. Regardless of your starting point, what would you do today, if you, your spouse, or your child fell seriously ill?

Stop to think about it for a minute. Would you be prepared if you or a family member were diagnosed with cancer? What about a heart attack or stroke? A serious accident or confinement in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital? How would your mortgage, rent, utilities, and groceries get paid? How long could you live like that?

"What is my current backup plan?"

There are several ways people sometimes try to meet covered costs and out-of-pocket expenses, without a paycheck or savings.

  1. "I'd have to rely on my parents/family."
  2. "I'd have to tap my 401K/retirement money."
  3. "I'd have to sell my home or personal property."

What is your current plan to protect your savings and your income starting today?

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Where Do You Fall?


Nearly one in two men get cancer.†
and one in eight get prostate cancer.


Over one in three women get cancer.†
and one in eight women get breast cancer.


three in four families will be affected by cancer.† 
one in three people will die from heart disease, heart attack, or stroke.

Employed Workers

Are you using 100%, 75%, or 50% of your paychecks each month? You may be prepared to combat the occasional flat tire but what about from the next 6 to 12 months of missed paychecks?

Self-Employed Workers

Private health insurance is expensive on your own and if you don't skip it altogether, high deductible plans are typically the only way to afford it. Supplemental insurance fills the gap without throwing extra money away each month while you're healthy.

Retired Individuals

Most retirees are already concerned with outliving their retirement funds. At an age where our bodies are more vulnerable to injury and sickness no matter our health, one serious medical condition can change your trajectory.

Small Business Owners

You are an important part of your business. A medical emergency could make it difficult to run your business.


Planning for "unexpected" is hard enough as a single parent. If one of your children suffers a medical issue, you may have to miss work to attend to their needs.


For most people, their #1 asset is their house. A serious accident or illness could affect your ability to pay your mortgage.

American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2024. American Cancer Society; 2024.

That’s why Stronghold Assurance is here. To offer insurance policies that can help you protect your assets.

Your major medical will help pay the doctor and hospital bills; supplemental insurance will pay benefits directly to you. These policies are guaranteed renewable and premium rates do not increase with age. 

You can use the money (policy benefits) however you see fit: paying deductibles, utility bills, or to help replace lost income. In addition, your supplemental policies go wherever you do, even if you change jobs, relocate, or retire.

The best part? These policies offer a “Return of Premium”* feature – meaning that if you keep your policy for the entire term, all of your premiums are returned to you at the end of that policy term, less any claims paid.  This makes the products an absolute win-win for our clients.  If something happens to you or a covered family member and you need to make a claim, our policies are designed to help with your expenses. 

Sound too good to be true?

Return of Premium*

All of your premiums, minus any claims paid, are returned to you if the policy is kept in force and premiums are paid until the return of premium maturity date stated in the policy.

* The Return of Premium Benefit is not available in all states. The benefit is not included in all policies and where available, the name of the benefit may vary. Eligibility for the benefit varies by age. Contact us for complete details.

Wouldn't it be great if your other insurance worked that way?

All policies are underwritten by Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America. Check it out for yourself!

Why Choose Stronghold?


Claim payments can be deposited directly into your bank account.

Easy decision

Quick and easy claim payment when you need us, return of premium if you remain healthy.

Flexible Benefits

Benefits paid directly to you, and you decide what to do with them.

No Hassle Enrollment

No medical exams, no bloodwork, and no doctor's visits.

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Coverage for cancer treatment, hospital stays, travel and more.
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Heart Attack and Stroke
Coverage for occurrences, hospital stays, physical therapy, and more.
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Accident and Injury
Coverage for hospital stays, broken bones, surgery, and more. Pays on top of workers-comp. Pays on or off the job.
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Coverage for serious accident or catastrophic illness, and major car accidents.
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Whole Life
Child and adult policies with cash value.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as the USPS can deliver it! Typically 1-2 weeks.

Please contact our Customer Service Department at (440) 922-5222.
Yes, it is important that you keep us informed of changes in your family status since these changes may affect your coverage and premium. You can email us at fhservice@globe.life with the desired change and your signature.

Short answer: yes! It depends on the state you live in and your age, but the policies really do give your premiums back, minus any claims. Contact us for details!

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