Supplemental Plans with 100% Return of Premium

Individuals & Families

Lost Wages and Savings

Living Expenses

Out-of-pocket Costs

Insurance Limitations


Small & Large Businesses

A Missing Benefit that Makes a Big Impact

Different than  Savings, HSA’s, and Disability Plans

Tax Deductible

Helps Protects Company Losses

Affordable Plans That Work Even
When You Never File A Claim

"Peace of mind knowing my family is protected."

February 3rd - 

"The arm that was shattered is my dominant arm. I was forced to keep it in a piece of equipment for eight weeks followed by many therapy sessions. My ability to work was severely compromised. The money we received from Family Heritage saved us from missing huge bills like our mortgage payment. The claim process was swift and easy. Thanks so much!"  - Joel C.

Coverage: Accident

Total paid: $5,800.00

"It saved my life. Worth every penny."

November 2nd -

"I was riding my motorcycle and hit a deer. I have been out of work for 18 months after since the accident. Without this insurance I would not have able to pay any of my bills. It saved my life. worth every penny."  - Julia M.

Coverage: Accident

Total paid: $55,200.00

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Receive 100% of your unused premiums back

Receive 100% of your unused premiums back and keep your rates locked in for life. Keep yourself financially protected from life's every day events.


We love sharing our client stories! If you don't need us, that's a good thing! Enjoy protection, peace of mind, and a savings plan.


Wouldn't it be great if your car insurance gave you your unused money back? The good news is with us it works that way for something even better, you.

plans that Keep You Going

Over 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and about 40% of American families who earn at least $100,000 say they live that way too.

Who is protecting your savings and your income?

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Globe Life Serves Over 13 Million Policyholders Nationwide
And Roots From 1900.

J Foster Customer

Kris was a pleasure to work with and really helpful. Globe Life may not sound like a need now, but listen and then ask yourself, “Am I covered”.

K López Customer

Thank you so much to Kris in handling this new insurance to me. Kris made it very easy to follow up and how everything about Globe Life is about. I appreciate the details he described about every program too. Accommodate to my own budget too. Thank you!

Nathan H. Customer

What really caught my eye was having something that pays me directly to put where I need it Really made sense when he told me my payments are flexible...knowing that every morning I can wake up and if something happens I have peace of mind.. Thank you so much.

Kathleen M. Customer

I had been wanting some kind of insurance, but not really knowing which kind, type, or program. Kris really helped me to decide and made it clear for me! I’m glad I finally have some peace of mind for myself and family 😊

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